I've been a photographer since I got my first camera at 13 a used Zenit 35mm East German camera. As an undergraduate in college I took cinematography and film production where my knowledge of the mechanics of photography came in handy. My father was an artist whose medium was painting in oils. From him I learned all about perspective, composition and subject. When film was king I had my own darkroom and a collection of pentax cameras and lenses. All that began to change in the digital age. You no longer needed to wait to see what images you captured. However the rules of photography and imaging haven't changed. You still need to know about ISO speeds and the relationships between shutter speeds and F stops, depth of field and aspherical barrel distortion in the focal lengths of the lenses you use. Cameras have become so automated these days that people becoming photographers these days rarely know all these elements. the better cameras have manual overide allowing a photographer more flexibility in handling lighting situations and it makes a great deal of difference in whether you are taking snapshots or photographs.

I run the wbesite for Sunset Park which has been online since 1998. All the photography you find on this site on the MALL is mine. Our clients in our advertising pages run the gamut from restaurants to pet shops and 99 cent stores. Most of the photography for these clients has of necessity been interior photography. On occasion we've also done photography for some of our real estate agent clients. The principles of interior photography remain the same. We strive to take photographs that present the businesses in their best light. In the visual world in which we live today trying to tell a story with pictures and trying to produce "eye candy" that entices the viewer to patronise their businesse is what we do.

The most important element in photography is not the camera you use insomuch as knowing your equipment, it's limitations and abilities. I've taken some of my best photographs using an iPhone. We almost never use flash. When possible we use the available light and appropriate exposures. When doing interiors we bring lamps to light up a scene when the lighting requires it. Interior photography requires the use of short focal lengths to bring about sharp detail and depth of field. All my shots are taken at slow shutter speeds and lowest ISO possible to eliminate noise and a tripod. This gives the sharpest and clearest results. Because of the quirks in which digital interprets different kinds of lights and colors we use 5000K (daylight) lamps when needed. Interior shots also quite often require color correction and post processing to bring out the best results. We have been avid users of photoshop and do digital corrections when necessary to produce the best possible photo. As it has been my policy with my website to give the best bang for the buck so we strive to maintain that with our photography. We hope to hear from you soon so you can tell us how we may help you in your business.