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Scotto's Bakery has been making gourmet specialty cookies for over 75 years. Established in 1927, Scotto's uses only the finest ingredients and proven traditional baking methods to ensure that our cookies, breads, cakes and pastries are of the finest quality money can buy. Our Biscotti has been recognized as some of the finest in the country. And like our award winning Biscotti, our breads, cakes, and pastries are hand crafted and baked to perfection. Once only available to New Yorkers, Scotto's Bakery is proud to introduce our cookies and other fine products to the world.

Scotto's Bakery is located at:
3807 13th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Local Tele: (718) 438-0889
Toll Free: (888) SCOTTOS
Fax #: (718) 853-8135
Email: info@scottosbakery.com
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